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RMA QA Aerator and Mixer Unit Moree Shire Council

RMA QA 30 model aerator and mixer unit was installed by Council staff in a tertiary pond at the Moree Sewage Treatment Plant. This complex of four tertiary ponds covers some 57,000 square metres in total, and the aerator was located toward the head of the first and smallest tertiary pond. Positioning was close to and slightly upstream of the inlet from the plant. Our recommendation to the Council was to install 2 x RMA QA 30 aerator/mixers as this pond measures approx. 100 x 140 metres, 1.0-1.5m deep, and feeds into the three much larger ponds.

However, due to budget constraints and other priorities only one aerator has been installed. There was a strong odour coming from this pond and it was not possible to see below the water surface. The photo of the mooring line taken 20 days after installation, shows a change in water colour and the line can easily be seen passing under the water surface.

At inspection there was no odour present, and it was evident that nature was beginning to come back as there were many insects and dragonflies. We could also see that there were small fish and some larger carp, starting to come into this pond seeking the source of micro bubbles.

Ongoing testing has shown a result of BOD<2 and Total Nitrogen figures of 1.17, which shows excellent progress. Since then the STP suffered a breakdown which did release sewage into the ponds and caused a spike in the results, which is now reducing.

This Council has since ordered an additional RMA QA 30 aerator due to the success of the first purchase.

RMA QA Aerator and Mixer Unit Moree Shire Council
RMA QA – Boggabilla

RMA QA – Boggabilla

Moree Plains Shire Council had a need to upgrade the town water quality at two towns in North West New South Wales (Boggabilla and Toomelah). Originally the plan was to upgrade the Boggabilla Water Treatment Plant and construct a new plant at Toomelah, however, it was decided that it was more cost effective to create a pipeline between the two towns, which would allow movement of water in both directions which would allow both towns to gain access to an improved water supply.

RMA QA 30 Imhoff Sewage Pond at Charleville

Longreach and Charleville are the first sites where the RMA QA 30 aerators have been installed in Imhoff tanks. Although the units are not designed for primary sewage, and are better suited to further along the process at tertiary ponds – provided the protection screens around the pump are cleaned weekly these do operate very well in this situation.

Every summer the council experiences an algae problem in the ponds downstream of the Imhoff tank. It is a frustrating experience for the Council regarding the algae alone, and prevents the water being used for other purposes.

There are two options in dealing with this situation:

  1. Either treat in the pond/s themselves
  2. Or go further upstream and treat the water in the Imhoff tank.

Treating the water in the tank could mean the ponds will still need further treatment – this will depend on the nutrient loading in the tank that is released into the ponds. In this situation the decision was to move upstream to the tank. The sewage water in this tank will be treated with high numbers of macro, fine, micro and nano-bubbles. The result is the microbial activity in the tank will be very high, the sludge and nutrients are expected to be reduced, and the water that is released will be of a higher quality which may prevent the algae issue in the ponds.

RMA QA 30 Imhoff Sewage Pond at Charleville
Isisford OV AFM filter System

Isisford OV AFM filter System

Longreach Regional Council required an upgrade of the Isisford town water drinking system. The old system was a standard sand filter using sand media where both the filter vessel and sand media needed replacement. The vessel had reached it’s end of life and the media had also completed it’s service. Our partner company Solari Water recommended that a different system be used, incorporating the OV AFM filters with filtration to 0.45 microns.

This system is seen at the right, with twin process lines in place for 100% redundancy at all levels of the filtration system. AFM (Activated Filter Media) was chosen as the media of choice for these reasons:

  • Cryptosporidium and other bacteria control solids are removed down to sub-micron levels
    • 30-80% better performance than sand AFM & should never need to be replaced
  • Life cycle benefits
    • Both water and energy (generally capital return is less than 24 months)
    • 100% environmentally sustainable

A ZPM is a Zeta Potential Mixer unit is placed in line, and is one of the cheapest filtration units available anywhere. It increases oxidation potential by up to 100mv, thereby initiating disinfection without chemicals. It includes an entry point for flocculation, coagulation and chlorination chemicals, and improves the result by at least 30% (less chemical needed). It also creates ultra fine (nano-bubbles) for improved water quality.

Isisford OV AFM filter System

Golf Course in Asia

The golf course in S.E.A required an upgrade of their existing water filtration to capture any entrapped contaminants and improve the water quality for the irrigation system. The source water comes from a dam where suffers from low dissolved oxygen(DO) ,destratification and high iron. Hence, the low DO causes unwanted odors and poor water quality. A HDPE pipe connects the dam to tank 1 location. Tank 1 and tank 2 are connected via a PVC transfer pipe.(Diagram attached below).

The primary objective of the project was to achieve reduction of iron in the water, better aeration in the tanks and manage biofilm build-up in pipes.

The combination of using the water treatment equipment(1 x water conditioner, 2 x nanobubble generators, 4 x oxygen concentrators, and 1 x RAF inline filter) provides the most effective water solution to the course.
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