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Reduce downtime of plant equipment and improve efficiency on site.

Hard water and drilling machines are never a good mix especially when the goal is to remove the largest amount of rock in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of wear and tear on the drilling rig.

Some underground drilling companies use ground water to reduce friction on the drill surface, if you are using ground water then you will experience hard water problems leading to costly downtime of plant and equipment – guaranteed.

Most engineers just get on with the job by factoring in the necessary more frequent changes and repairs due to limescale and iron issues resulting in water box seal changes, flushing head seal changes and corrosion of the machinery’s pipe fittings.

But the most effective solution is dealing with the cause of the problem, hardness in water. This is much easier than it sounds, simply install IGS Water Conditioner directly in the water line, treating hard water problems before it reaches the equipment.

The IGS Water Conditioners have proven to solve hard water problems experienced by mining equipment in underground mines using hyper saline ground water, it is easy to fit and install, maintenance free, reduces down time, increases productivity, increases the life of components, reduces maintenance, spare parts and operating costs, and protects your investment in capital equipment.

Reduce downtime of plant equipment and improve efficiency on site.
Commercial Laundry

Commercial Laundry

If you operate commercial laundry equipment in a hard water area then you will have calcium (and sometimes iron) in your water. This means you will experience calcium residue in the washing drum, scale in pipes causing restricted water flow, scale build up on washing machine elements and hot water system heating elements only lasting a few months before requiring replacement.

The hard water solution for laundry is simple – just install a couple of IGS Water Conditioners into the water line and all the water going into both the hot water system and the washing machines was soft water.

Therefore no more large hard water minerals will form scale or build up in the pipes, elements or machines, and no more calcium scum will build up on the inside of the drums or glass of the machines. The best part is there will be no more excessive maintenance or replacement issues!

Grow Better Crops

Water is the life blood of any farm so finding the best water solutions available are vital.

Do you have hard water problems with salt affected soils or iron in well water?

Softer water means better root growth. The softer wetter water is more easily absorbed into the ground and the plants, which gives both a healthier environment to grow crops and increases the yield.

  • Irrigate with a softer wetter water.
  • Water is absorbed into the ground more easily and more easily taken up by plants.
  • Greater feeder roots have been reported.
  • Less water is lost to evaporation as it is absorbed in the ground.
  • Pipe and sprinkler nozzles will be protected from limescale deposits.
  • Salt, iron and other minerals will be kept in solution so they don’t crust and damage plants and equipment.
  • IGS Water Conditioners water makes a fantastic static mixer, so you get a great water fertilizer mix.
  • You won’t need to buy in water which will save you huge amounts of money.
  • All animals love to drink the softer treated water so they will be healthier.

Stop equipment failure, reduce scale build up in your equipment and treats the problem at the source. The Water Conditioner will reduce scale build up over time within your irrigation equipment.


Hard Water Solutions

Hard Water Solutions

Water containing high levels of salt and iron can stunt your plants growth, leave salt or rust marks on your crops, clog your pipes and irrigation systems with scale build up and your livestock simply won’t drink it.

Don’t spend all your profit margin buying in truck loads of water, condition the hard water so it is suitable for your needs. You need to find a soft water solution that is cost effective and low maintenance. The best hard water solution is The IGS Water Conditioner.

Treat hard bore or well water before it is pumped into your holding dam and you will have plenty of soft wetter water supply for your livestock and irrigation needs.

Treatment is easy, by simply adding the IGS Water Conditioner unit that suits the flow rate of the bore, the holding dam will settle over a couple of days and soon became so absolutely crystal clear and ready for irrigation or for livestock.

A second IGS Water Conditioner can be added so that water pumped from the holding dam through the unit into a storage tank which then irrigates crops or available for livestock.

Swimming Pools

Maintaining your swimming pool is not a simple task, maintaining the perfect combination of chemicals makes you feel like you need a chemistry degree! But one thing that most people don’t understand is that not all water you put into your pool is the same because water is not pure H2O, it is mixed with mineral salts from the ground that creates hardness in water.

If you live in a hard water area (and most everyone does) then you will have calcium (and sometimes iron) in your water. This means you will experience scale build up, pool stains, rust scale, cloudy pool water and scale build up in your pool’s pipes that will slowly restrict water flow to and from your pool’s heater and filter requiring frequent servicing or replacement. These types of pool problems can become very expensive. You can change the pool water hardness into soft water when you install a IGS Water Conditioner. Most people find they can reduce their chemical use dramatically.

And if you’re worried about how to reduce scale from the pool you will find that all that existing scale build up will be decreased over time after the Water Conditioner is installed.

For a complete swimming pool filtration solution, check out the ZPM Mixer


Swimming Pools

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