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Nanobubble Shower Head



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Nanobubble / Ultrafine Bubble Shower Head

Birth of nanobubbles beyond micro-nano bubbles. Nanobubbles of 0.000069 mm. More than 190 million bubbles per ml. Cleaning, moisturizing, heat retention, and water saving effects!

  • Size: 222mm x 66mm
  • Weight: Appox. 0.150 kg
  • Material: ABS resin, Chrome plating around the head
  • Country of Origin: Japan
  • Suitable for 1/2″ connection fittings (Compatible with all shower fittings in USA, Africa, Asia, India and Europe)

Amazing detergecy with nanobubbles

This is the result of rubbing the oil-based marker with nanobubble warm water at 41 degree and rinsing it off.

Nano Bubble / Ultra fine Bubble Shower Head
Nano Bubble / Ultra Fine Bubble Shower Head

● Shower head with high-quality Japanese made
● Sophisticated nanobubble form generated
● Soft feeling of water with microscopic holes
● Water Saving -> Energy Saving -> Cost Saving for all types of households

*According to data measured by the Nano Site System of Quantum Design Japan, an external research organisation, 60 to 70 million bubbles per 1cc of UFB were observed.
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