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Clean Water Remains A Precious Yet Quickly Deminishing Commodity.

IGS Asia Pacific is a global tech-pioneer for water treatment systems, wastewater treatment systems, water management systems, smart sensors with IoT platforms and mobile infrastructure support as well as cloud management solutions.

We are proud to provide our services across the globe including Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam and Europe.

Our clients come from different industries from manufacturing, commercial, municipal, infrastructure, mining, food and beverage as well as printing and packaging – to name a few.

A water treatment system diagram below shows an overview of how our water treatment products benefit varied industries.

Clean Water
Water treatment

Our Products

Commercial Products


Unique Aerator and Mixing Unit supplies high levels of dissolved oxygen (DO) transfer using a range of bubbles sizes

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incorporate with your irrigation systems to provide nanobubbles to plant roots for improved growth.

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Suitable in various industries for sterilisation and disinfection, and cost savings accrue due to small size and high performance.

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It provides an enriched product gas by concentrating the oxygen contained in atmospheric air.

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AFM® stands for Activated Filter Media, a revolutionary filter material made from recycled green glass developed and manufactured by Dryden Aqua.

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IGS Community Water Filter

The IGS Community Water is the perfect solution for Rural Community drinking water in any country, for the provision of water in compliance to WHO and European standards.

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ZPM – Zeta Potential Mixer

The ZPM amplifies coagulation and flocculation reactions to make the suspended solids larger and easier to remove by the filters.

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A robust wastewater treatment process providing reliable and efficient treatment for small and medium scale applications.

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Designed to deliver fully customisable solutions to your requirements with state of the art technology.

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Lightning protection system

Critical safety, warning, and protection equipment must function reliably when needed most, so Wxline designs systems that minimize the potential for human error and function in severe weather and a lightning environment

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Fully Automated, Large-Capacity Silver Ion [AG+] Sterilizer

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Domestic Products

Faucet Water Filter

The IGS faucet water filter will be a perfect solution to effectively reduce over a hundred substances from the water, such as organic material and chemicals.

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Nano Bubble Shower Head

Birth of nanobubbles beyond micro-nano bubbles. Ultra-fine/nano bubbles of 0.000069 mm. More than 190 million bubbles per ml.

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Shower Water Conditioner

Prevents calcium carbonate scaling, reduces iron staining problems, reduces operating costs, downtime and maintenance costs.

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Case study for nanobubble products

We have added case studies for nanobubble products, feel free to download and read them

Nanobubble use for Foreport Taiwan Young Plant Growth
Bubble Sizes
Effect of Microbubble Generator operating parameters on oxygen transfer efficiency in water
Fundamentals and applications of Micro Nano bubbles
MBG Results – Oxygen retention
Nanobubbble Generation
Nanobubble effect on Flower production
Ultrafine bubble effect – Maris Garden
Ultrafine Bubbles and the effect on Seed Whiskey and Beer
Zeta Potential and Nanobubbles(Principle)
RMA QA Aerator Case Study – Importance of Aeration

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