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Activated Filter Media for Industrial Water Filtration Applications

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A revolutionary bio-resistant, self sterilizing filter made from recycled green glass

What is a Media Filter?

Media filters are used to protect water quality in streams, rivers, and lakes. They can be effective at removing pollutants in stormwater such as suspended solids and phosphorus. Sand is the most common filter material.

What is AFM?

AFM® stands for Activated Filter Media, a revolutionary filter material made from recycled green glass developed and manufactured by Dryden Aqua.

AFM® exceeds the performance of quartz and glass sand by filtering about 30 % more organics. AFM® is bio-resistant and self-sterilising which means no biofilm is formed in the filter bed. This important feature makes the pool system healthier, ecological and more economical. AFM® has successfully been used in over 100,000 public and private swimming pools worldwide. #AFM #AFMMEDIAFILTER #ACTIVATEDFILTERMEDIA #SANDFILTER

AFM® is manufactured under ISO 9001-2008 standards and is a filter material certified under standards and is a filter material certified under Australian and European standards. standards for swimming pools and drinking water, NSF50 and NSF61. AFM® is a registered trademark and is exclusively made by Dryden Aqua. (Image: OV AFM FILTER)

A revolutionary bio-resistant

Crystal Clear Water

AFM® filters much finer than sand, quartz or any other filter media. It attracts and captures bacteria and algae to prevent biofilm.

Biofilm is Inside Your Filter

Biofilm dramatically reduces the effectiveness of your filter, the AFM filter is bio-resistant which provides a healthier environment in your water

AFM® Saves Resources

Reduced maintenance and chemical consumption will save you time and money on chlorine and will save you time and money on chlorine and energy.

The Clear Solution

The Clear Solution

The chemistry of the glass, the particle shape and especially the activation process give AFM® these important properties to clearly outperform sand and glass sand filters. The large surface has a strong negative charge to adsorb organics and small particles. The surface also has metal oxide catalysts which produce free radicals and thus a high redox potential. Therefore AFM® is self-disinfecting. AFM® prevents bacteria from settling to make it a unique, bio-resistant filter material.

How to Use

If you are currently using sand or glass sand simply replace this in your filter with AFM®. While sand has a specific weight of 1,450 kg/m3, the specific weight of AFM® is 1,250 kg / m3, and therefore it needs about 20 % less AFM® according to weight. For example: If your filter has 150 kg of sand, only 125 kg of If your filter has 150 kg of sand, only 125 kg of AFM® is needed. AFM® is supplied in 20 kg bags and is available in four different grain sizes.

  • AFM® grade 0 = 0.25 to 0.5 mm grain size
  • AFM® grade 1 = 0.4 to 1.0 mm grain size
  • AFM® grade 2 = 1.0 to 2.0 mm grain size
  • AFM® grade 3 = 2.0 to 4.0 mm grain size
A revolutionary bio-resistant

AFM® Grade 1 will remove more than 95 % of all particles in the water down to 4 microns. The best a very high quality sand or other glass and can achieve is 20 microns. At an efficiency of 95 %. AFM® 0 is able to remove particles down to 1 micron at an e remove particles down to 1 micron at an efficiency of more than 95 %. AFM® 0 has been developed for best filtration where flocculation cannot be used.

AFM® Grade 2 can be used for filters less than 1000 mm in diameter instead of grade 3. Also for all DIN filters with nozzle plate, grade 3 can be substituted with grade 2

AFM® Grade 3 can be used to replace gravels which create the bed for Grade 2 to sit on. Our OV AFM filter is recommended to be used with AFM for filtration efficiency #AFM #OVAFM #FILTRATION #HIGHEFFICIENTFILTER


AFM can be used for

  • Filter drinking water
  • Wastewater treatment system
  • Swimming pool filtration systems
  • Heavy metal removal
  • UF/RO/SWRO system
  • Water filtration for water parks, hotels and resorts
  • Great replacement for sand, manganese, anthracite
A revolutionary bio-resistant



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