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Are you looking for a chemical free way to manage the water treatment process?

The RMA QA is a unique Aerator and Mixing Unit that supplies high levels of Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Transfer using a range of bubbles sizes. It also achieves complete water body mixing and destratification. Subject to Innovative Patent Registration, this Australian Designed aerator provides a sustainable way to mix and aerate water better than other units currently on the market.

Aeration is often used as the first step in water treatment. During aeration, constituents are removed or modified before they can interfere with the treatment processes. The IGS RMA QA aerator introduces a range of bubbles into the water body. These are coarse, fine, micro and nanobubbles. The smaller the bubble the better.


Reduce the organic load in the water

The IGS Microbubble and Nanobubble Generator is able to reduce the organic loading considerably in the waste stream. Typical performances reductions of COD > 80% and BOD> 50%

Remove pollutants from
the water

The IGS Microbubble and Nanobubble Generator can easily be coupled with Ozone or Ultrasound for advanced oxidation performance to remove even more pollutants from the water.

Save money, chemicals, time & energy

Coagulation and flocculation chemicals are expensive and produce sludge through the liquid-solids separation. In some instances, these chemicals could further hinder the treatment process.


What is a Nanobubble?

Microbubbles and nanobubbles or ultrafine bubbles are tiny bubbles with a respective diameter of 10–50 μm and <200 nm, and have been explored for various applications. This is a new technology that offers environmentally sustainable water solutions with a broad range of applications in a variety of industries.


  • Any Water Treatment plant from Municipal Drinking Water to Heavily Polluted Water
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • River and Lakes Remediation
  • Destratification in Reservoirs and Large Water Bodies
  • Municipal Leachate Waste Treatment
  • Food Process Industry Wastewater
  • All forms of Aquaculture
  • Control Algae Outbreaks

Key Benefits

Low energy usage, do more with less save up to 70% compared to other units
Odour reduction. Very rapidly the odour of the water body will clear to no smell.
No need to purchase bacteria or microbes to add to the water body – just let nature do its work
Rapid breakdown on surface scum in wastewater
Kevlar extensions are available up to 20 metres for destratification
Uniform distribution of Dissolved Oxygen through the water body
Sized to suit your application. Floating and Manifold Units are both available.
Can be designed to suit your specific need.
Strong circulation distributes Dissolved Oxygen throughout the water body both vertically and horizontally.
High mobility bubbles ensure optimal surface interface between contaminants and oxidants.
In aquaculture, aquatic life respiration is enhanced resulting in better growth rates.
Light Weight & Easily Serviced

Key Design Benefits

  • The RMA QA is Light weight with a small footprint.
  • Offers simple and safe operation and is easy to service.
  • Long life anti-fouling, UV protected and barnacle resistant buoys
  • Design life over 20 years
  • Supplied with stainless steel wire mesh screens (not shown)
  • Kevlar extensions available up to 20 metres for destratification
Key Design Benefits


Pump Size 6kW
Outlets 8
Weight(kg) 280
Size(m x m) 1.1D x 1.8H
Water Flow(ML/day) 4.40
Air Flow(ML/day) 30.10
Oxygen Input(ML/day) 2.2
MassFlow O2(excluding additional air bubble transfer) (kg/hr) 35.9

Pump Size 3kW
Outlets 4
Weight(kg) 185
Size(m x m) 1.0D x 1.0H
Water Flow(ML/day) 2.20
Air Flow(ML/day) 15.06
Oxygen Input(ML/day) 1.1
MassFlow O2(excluding additional air bubble transfer) (kg/hr) 17.7

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