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IGS Water Conditioners


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The IGS Water Conditioner works for you 24 hrs 7 days a week

The IGS Water Conditioner is affordable, effective and safe to use with no chemicals, no electricity, no salts, no maintenance, no refills and no further costs. It prevents calcium carbonate scaling, reduces iron staining problems, reduces operating costs, reduces downtime, reduces maintenance costs, reduces your carbon footprint, improves health & safety issues by reducing chemical usage. Unlike a conventional water-softeners that only remove calcium from the water with sodium carbonate, the Water Conditioner does not add chemicals or remove any minerals from the water flow. However, it does turn ‘hard water’ into ‘soft water’ as it changes the characteristics of the calcium molecules so that it does not cling to other surfaces.

IGS Water Conditioner

Types of Water Conditioners

Agricultural Farming

Hard water can cause all sorts of problems for farmers from rusted equipment, blocked pipes, stunted growth of plants.

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Mining Applications

Hard water problems in underground drilling using groundwater leads to costly downtime of plant and equipment.

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Kitchen Appliances

Increase the life span of your Fridge, Dishwasher and Steam Oven, protect from scale build up and improve the taste of the water.

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Swimming Pools

Say goodbye to that white film at the waterline of your pool, scale build up, pool stains, rust scale and cloudy pool water

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Irrigation Systems

Soft Water is more easily absorbed into the ground and the plants, Increasing water uptake by root systems promotes healthy growth and increases the yield.

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Caravans & Motorhomes

Protect the pipes from clogging up with scale, as well as your hot water system, taps and shower heads from the effects of hard water.

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Save Money, Time & Chemicals

Save Money, Time & Chemicals

Stop equipment failure, not only reduces, but reduces scale build up in your equipment and treats the problem at the source. By simply changing the chemical structure of the hard water before it touches your equipment, the minerals don’t precipitate out and crust on surfaces. This means that you no longer need to treat the water by adding chemicals, or manually chip off the scale or replace the equipment because it’s not doing the job.

Prevents Scale

The IGS Water Conditioning device prevents scale from forming by neutralizing the scale producing properties of the minerals in hard water. This means the neutralized mineral particles will flow freely through the system without sticking to the surfaces. The IGS Water Conditioner is not only effective but affordable and safe to use with no chemicals no pollution and no electricity required. This product does not require any maintenance, refills, or any additional costs, it works for you 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.

Prevents Scale

How Does It Work?

The unit is installed directly in your water line. It has at its core a non-sacrificial, catalytic converter that is non-ferrous, resists rusting and corrosion, and is totally non-toxic and ecologically safe. The unit requires no salt, no resins, no electricity, no magnets, no back washing and no maintenance.

Using a unique combination of metals within the alloy core plus the principle of turbulence (the Venturi effect), the water flow is forced through the Solari Water Conditioner unit where an electro-chemical catalytic reaction occurs. During this reaction, electrons are transferred between molecules, completing missing electrons and so new mineral compounds are formed. The electro-physical changes in the minerals neutralize their scale producing properties.

The result is that previously ‘hard’ minerals are changed from being large molecules into inactive, microscopic mineral particles. The mineral content before treatment remains the same as after treatment, just in a different molecular arrangement. In this way the Solari Water Conditioner will ‘soften’ your water even though it is not technically a water softener. It is the characteristics of the chemicals in the water that matter, not the chemical content.

How Does It Work

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